Technology and Production
  The International Market

In 1935, George Gavrielides, a keen game hunter, started his small trading business in the town of Larnaca, of which one of its main commercial activities was the trading of imported game cartridges.

In 1961, Procopis Gavrielides takes over the cartridge business from his father and at the same time starts the production and trading of his own local made cartridges.

In 1965, the small business started a large-scale production of game and sporting cartridges under the brand name OLYMPIA and in 1970 the company made its first exports. At the same time, after special agreement with several European companies the firm starts the production of several well-known European cartridges in Cyprus.

In 1976, the firm was registered as a limited liability company under the name of Procopis G. Gavrielides Ltd.

In 1980, a subsidiary company G.M.G. Cartridge Co. Ltd was founded which specialized in the manufacture and trading of plastic cartridge cases and managed by Procopis Gavrielides. In 1982 the company introduced in its production line high-tech machinery aiming in higher quality and lower unit costs.

In 1985 a modern ballistic laboratory was created and the Olympia cartridges were homologated in Liege-Belgium and received CIP certification. At the same time the volume of exports in Europe rose considerably with the UK market as the major customer.In 1990 the cartridge production was upgraded by the introduction of new modern machinery.

In 1995 ‘new blood’ enters the company in the face of Yiannis Gavrielides, son of the founder who takes over the sales and marketing department. In the same year Procopis G. Gavrielides Ltd. becomes the sole owner of G.M.G. Cartridge Co. Ltd.

In the first part of 2003, the production of cartridges was reinforced by new high-tech loading machinery whereas at the same time the company introduced a new technologically upgraded ballistic laboratory. At the same time the company started the production of plastic wads.


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